Many members celebrate events such as a special birthday, wedding anniversary, engagement, birth of a child or grandchild etc by sponsoring an activity within the Shul or may wish to be associated with the Shabbat Kiddush by agreeing a donation with the Shul Administrator


Yahrzeits can also be commemorated the same way.

Weekly events Cost

Chadashot (News) Sheet £25
Seudah Shlishit (Shabbat afternoon meal) £25
Shabbat morning Kiddush £175


Donations are always welcome for general or specific items.  These have included over the past few years:-

  • Refurbishment of the Beth Hamedrash
  • Sefer Torahs
  • Serer Torah covers and ornaments
  • Parochet (curtain) for the Aron Hakodesh
  • New Pulpit
  • Bimah covers
  • Bookcases
  • Shul website

Enquires for ideas of how to commemorate an event or person are always welcome.


Another way the Shul can benefit is to make provision in your will to leave a legacy to the Shul.  Larger legacies can be used for specific projects.  Smaller ones can be grouped together in the Legacy Fund to go towards larger projects.  A legacy can provide a fitting memorial to a person’s good name.

Banqueting hall refurbishment fund

The Shul would like to refurbish and redecorate the banqueting suite to enhance its appearance and make it more attractive to members to book it for their functions.  A fund has been set up for this purpose and all donations are welcome.  The work will include improvements to the brightness and decor and updating the sound systems.

Gift aid

Please remember to gift aid your donation.  This increases the benefit to the Shul at no extra cost to yourself.